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Trump finds the Internet, video games and movies a source of violence among adolescents

The American president suggests that violence can be inculcated in the younger generation with video games, modern cinema and, of course, the Internet. The World Wide Web, according to Donald Trump, needs to be explored in order to find out how strongly it affects the fragile minds.

As CNET notes , to date, a lot of research has been done on the impact of games on human behavior and, in particular, whether virtual violence and reality are connected. According to some information, the level of aggression can grow, but there is no direct correlation with the increase in violence. Other studies indicate the lack of any connections, if we are talking, for example, about gamers without mental pathologies.

Trump also points out the possible negative impact of cinema on children, although the rating system just exists to protect them from violence on the screen. Commenting on the situation with the murder of 17 people in a school in Parkland, the US president did not mention weapons as a source of increased danger.

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