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Stephen Soderbergh praised the iPhone after shooting the movie on a smartphone

At the Berlin Film Festival, Stephen Soderbergh introduced the psychological thriller “Unintelligent” (Unsane), which was entirely filmed on the iPhone. The director highly appreciated the tape shooting on the smartphone and even said that after such experience it will be hard to return to traditional movie cameras.

Judging by the fact that the film was filmed last summer, the director used the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus – at that time, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X had not yet been introduced. To the disadvantages of working with the camera smartphone Soderberg attributed sensitivity to vibrations. But the advantages are more: do not need to hole the decorations to place the camera, and the shooting process itself is faster. The film was shot in about a week, it took another as much time to postproduction.

The thriller “Not in itself” tells about a girl who leaves for another city to start a new life. But plans change: she gets to a psychiatric hospital, where she will meet her nightmares.

Stephen Soderbergh is known for the films “Ocean’s Eleven” (including continuations) and “Traffic”, which brought him the “Oscar” as the best director.

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