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Megapolis without water

In Cape Town in July, the water may run out. Since February 1, the consumption of water by one person has been reduced to 50 liters. Also, the authorities said that after April 12, the tap water will not flow. It was stated that 200 places are being created in the city, where residents can get a ration of 25 liters of liquid.

Since there are 4.3 million people in Cape Town, 20,000 people will be in the queue every day. And this is only domestic needs. As is the case with agriculture and industry – it is not yet clear.

Authorities in this disaster blame global warming, which is quite strange. After all, the increase in temperature should cause melting of glaciers, as a result of which the water level rises. In other words, warming drives waterflooding, and not vice versa. The documentation also says that the city water supply system will be able to function until 2019.

In addition, it is known that water masses enter the city from six main reservoirs. Since the last few winters were not wet enough, the storehouses were filled badly. But for many years these tanks were not being watched. They are clogged with mud, and the number of inhabitants has increased. Here lies the cause of the problem. Among other things, the authorities of the metropolis repeatedly received proposals for help. But such companies are able to help with the supply of water, considered insufficiently qualified.

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