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“It’s still hard for me to land on the snow”: what does the skier think about her performance that has not done a single trick

American skier Elizabeth Swaney has never been in the limelight: she graduated from Harvard, worked in the Silicon Valley and was engaged in halfpipe, a discipline in which to perform spectacular skiing tricks. But at the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang she became one of the main characters, although she did not show anything supernatural.

Since 2015, the athlete has started to travel around the World Cup stages, attending only those competitions where less than 30 people participate. In the tournaments, Swain did not perform tricks, but simply reached the finish without falling. This allowed her to get in the top 30 on the outcome of the season and get a ticket to the Olympics in South Korea.

The first performance of Swain for the national team of Hungary  viral: during the qualification skier in both attempts did not even try to make spectacular elements. She took the last place with a minimum score of 30 points. The media disagreed during the discussion of her speech: some criticized the athlete for “fraud”, while others called for “giving her a dream.



Swaini herself after the departure of the tournament managed to give several interviews, in which she told about the attitude towards her level and the Olympics in general. According to the 33-year-old sportswoman, she tried all her life to get to the Games: an American was studying hockey, but she could not do it, she did skeletons, but she could not go fast. At the age of 25 she chose skis and changed her citizenship: the US team did not consider her candidacy.

Swainey in conversation with Yahoo! Sports noted that for a long time she trained and worked 18 hours a day to pay for flights to the World Cup stages. On its YouTube-channel there is a video with exercises on the rollers and in the pool.


Immediately after the speech, Swainey told reporters that she was just pleased to be able to make two attempts in the women’s halfpipe (both of them passed without the necessary techniques). Later, she added that she did some tricks, but they were not noticed: “Actually, I did three tricks during the second attempt. Two jumps on the left and right side. And a 360-degree turn in the end. ”

According to the American, she tried with all her might and made her way to the Olympic Games without deceit. But the athlete still feels discomfort when landing on a hard surface.

I can do tricks. During training in the pool it turns out to make good turns at 540 and 720 degrees, but with a landing in the water. The main goal is to transfer it to the halfpipe. It’s just difficult for me to land on the snow.

Elizabeth Swainey

The skier stressed that she listened to the critics of her style of riding. The president of the ski federation of Hungary also spoke about negative messages addressed to him: he was asked how he admitted the invitation to the national team of such an “average sportswoman”. However, in Hungary, no one has ever seen Swain in the case – she was taken on the basis of international results.

The head of the federation said that he very much hopes to work with Elizabeth Swainey on her level in the halfpipe. Because she is the only representative of this sport in the country.

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