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In France, the store faces a fine for low prices. Because of the discount on “Nuttellu” the fight began

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The French chain of shops Intermarche faces a fine of up to $ 450,000 due to a 70% discount on the chocolate paste “Nutella”. The Office of the French Ministry of Economy on Competition (DGCCRF) accused the company of setting a price below the purchase price.

According to the law of France, stores have the right to set the price lower than the purchase price only during seasonal sales and for goods that have been in the warehouse for more than 30 days. Sale in Intermarche was held in late January, when the Christmas and New Year holidays were over. Nevertheless, representatives of the store in the interview said that the discounts were in the period of winter sales.

At the end of January, the media reported massive brawls in Intermarche due to Nutella. A 950 gram jar of chocolate paste was sold for 1.4 euros instead of 4.5 euros (100 rubles against 300 rubles). Store management had to call the police because of the fact that buyers began to fight and throw glass banks.

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