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YouTube began to unsubscribe users from unofficial music channels

YouTube began automatically to sign users to the official channels of all musicians, which they follow through other channels. On February 22, the correspondent of TJ received a notification on updating subscriptions.

The update refers to those who are subscribed to third-party thematic channels of the artist or those that are led by his representative. For example, we are talking about channels with a selection of tracks and albums, as well as Vevo channels (owned by Sony, Universal and Warner Music) with official clips.

As specified in YouTube, the user will automatically be subscribed to the official channel of the artist immediately after its creation. A gray note icon is always displayed next to the title.

Subscriptions to unofficial channels of musicians will be canceled: they can be found through an advanced search, but you will not be able to subscribe again. TJ sent a request to representatives of YouTube.


YouTube also updated the notification settings. After subscribing to the official channel, the user will receive messages by default only about interesting videos, but the parameters can be changed .

January 23, YouTube first talked about the upcoming innovations in support of musicians. Representatives of the service explained that in this way they want to help users find music, recording of performances and other content of their favorite performers faster.

YouTube went to change policy shortly after three major music labels (Universal, Sony and Warner Music) renewed their licensing agreements with the company and talked about launching a new streaming service inside video hosting.

On the official artist channel (Official Artist Channels), all albums, songs and clips are sorted by automatically created playlists. YouTube claims that it is easier for the author of such a channel to interact with fans, for example, to choose a video for recommendations or make up their own collections.

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