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“VKontakte” for the fifth time will hold the championship for pair programming VK Cup

VKontakte and Codeforces have announced VK Cup-2018, the annual programming championship for young professionals Registration is already open for the championship .

Teams can participate in the competition from one or two people, programmers must be between the ages of 14 and 23. The first stages of qualification will be held on February 24 and March 2. In addition to classical algorithmic competitions, participants will be offered “bold experiments that expand this genre.”

The final of the championship will be held on August 20 in St. Petersburg. “VKontakte” promised to cover the costs of participants for travel and accommodation.

The prize fund of the competition will be 2.4 million rubles. VK Cup prizes correspond to round numbers in the binary system: for the first place 1048576 rubles, for the second – 524288 thousand rubles, for the third – 262144 rubles, from the fourth to the eighth place – 131072 rubles.

The first programming championship from VKontakte was held in 2012. Since 2015, the championship is held annually, but with the participation of teams of two people. In 2017, 2736 teams from 52 countries took part in the tournament . In addition to VK Cup, the company annually conducts Hackaton “VKontakte”.

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