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The sheriff of “Very strange affairs” fulfilled his promise and danced with the penguins in the Antarctic

Actor David Harbor (David Harbor), who plays the role of sheriff Hopper in the series “Very Strange Deeds”, danced among penguins in the Antarctic.

“ This is a petition for creating the largest protected area in the world. Greenpeace already has a million signatures. Let’s give them another 1.8. 1.8 million [signatures]. One for each square kilometer. For the penguins. I’m dancing with them, as promised, but they do not have Netflix. “Greenpeace”?”
He thanked Greenpeace, thanks to which he found himself in Antarctica and repeated his company dance, which he performed in one of the series of the show
“Dance of the Hopper” from “Very strange cases”
At the end of January, Harbor asked Greenpeace how many retweets he needed to go on an expedition to the royal penguins in Antarctica and dance to them the “Hopper Dance”. The organization responded that it needed 200 thousand retweets. Then Harbor turned to the fans and collected the right number of outposts in less than 5 hours.

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