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The British with a deadly disease spent all of her savings. A year later, the diagnosis was refuted

Rob and Jackie Dibb. Agency photo SWNS


In November 2016, doctors from the English town of Hull, East Yorkshire, diagnosedfrontotemporal dementia in a 62-year-old local woman, Jackie Dibb. According to the doctors, the woman with unstable behavior and memory problems remained 5-7 years old.

After learning the diagnosis, Jackie and her husband Rob decided to “enjoy the time they have left” and “squander” all their savings. They bought a two-door refrigerator for 700 pounds (about 56 thousand rubles), arranged a family holiday in Turkey for 1,5 thousand pounds (about 120 thousand rubles), and built a shower room for 4 thousand pounds (about 320 thousand rubles)

Jackie managed to say goodbye to some relatives. For example, to her 12-year-old granddaughter, she said that “it will still be there, but it will look like a zombie, like in a movie.” Rob also left work to look after his wife.

After 345 days, Dibb underwent another study, which revealed that she has no dementia. Her primary diagnosis was also incorrect. After the woman wrote a complaint to the local National Healthcare System (NHS), she was told: the symptoms were mixed with manifestations of depression.

According to Rob, doctors did not explain why such a mistake occurred. Dibb refused to sue the doctors – the trial would have dragged on for four years and cost his family, now in a difficult financial situation, 25,000 pounds

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