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Sports Court deprived Russian curlingists of a bronze medal at the Olympics in Pyeongchang

The Sports Arbitration Court in Lausanne (CAS) deprived the Russian curlers of Alexander Krushelnytsky and Anastasia Bryzgalov of the bronze of the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang.

The court found Krushelnytsky guilty of violating anti-doping rules because of the discovery of traces of meldonia in his blood. He was disqualified from the Games and canceled the team’s results.

Earlier, Krushelnytsky refused to participate in the trial, after which the meeting was canceled. The Curling Federation of Russia declared the innocence of the athlete and explained the refusal to participate in the meeting “a real assessment of the current opportunities and the desire to save Sasha and Nastya the last emotions.” The organization stressed that their main goal is the return of medals through hearings in the CAS.

CAS transferred the case to the World Curling Federation. The organization together with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) should distribute bronze medals. Most likely, they will get the national team of Norway, which Russia won in the match for third place.

On February 14, Krushelnytsky’s wife and Bryzgalova won a bronze medal in the double-mixt discipline. This Olympic award was the first in the history of Russian curling.


Krushelnytsky and Bryzgalov. AFP photo
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