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SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket with satellites for the “world-wide Internet”

SpaceX company SpaceX, founded by billionaire Ilon Mask, launched the Falcon 9 rocket, which is to launch a pair of Starlink pilot satellites into Earth orbit – it is supposed that it will create an affordable worldwide satellite Internet system.

A live broadcast of Falcon 9 launch with Starlink satellites, which will allow the missile company to enter the sphere of global telecommunications, was conducted on the YouTube-channel SpaceX.


In addition to the Starlink satellites, Falcon 9 launched also the Spanish government satellite PAZ, intended for radar surveillance.

In Southern California, where the Falcon 9 started, at the time of launch was very clear weather – the rocket could be seen with the naked eye.

Photo from Twitter bergasonic
Photo from Twitter bergasonic


Initially, the rocket had to be launched on February 17, but later the event was postponed many times due to weather conditions and additional testing mechanisms. At the same time, a part of the accelerators was received by the spacecraft from previous launches.

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