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Scientists have proposed to build a “locomotive” for the flight to Mars

The level of technology development allows people to be transported to Mars, but it is unlikely that they will be protected from cosmic radiation throughout the journey and at the endpoint. In addition to problems with flight safety, it is also necessary to resolve the issue of its financing.

“If we talk in principle about the technical ability to fly, then it is -” Proton “several times run, collect in orbit” locomotive with cars “and push to Mars, he somehow will fly, and perhaps someone will take him even. The question is, what are the chances to go back, given the radiation “ – told Tass head of the Space Research Institute of the Department of Space Plasma Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences Anatoly Petrukovich.

According to him, sometimes attempts to protect oneself from certain types of radiation can lead to the opposite effect. “If during the flight we encounter very high-energy cosmic rays, they fly right through. But if you have a high defense, they fall into a so-called shower and are “pierced” through and through. Damages from such a shower are much higher, “the scientist explained.

Anatoly Petrukovich noted that the realization of the flight to Mars is possible, most likely, only with the participation of many countries, and not “singles”.

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