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On a new spy photo Huawei P20 lost a “monobrovi”, like Apple’s

At the disposal of the resource Android Authority was an early prototype of the future flagship Huawei P20, which will be presented at a special event in Paris in late March. Unlike previous leaks, the prototype in the photo “monobrow” (like the iPhone X) is missing.

Western journalists who rotate the smartphone in their hands, note that the smartphone has a smoother edge and tries to minimize its borders from above and below the screen. Along the edges of the phone also has almost no frames.

On the prototype there is no physical rocker for adjusting the volume. Apparently, virtual buttons will be responsible for this. No, and a headphone jack.


In addition, rumors about the three main cameras on the rear panel were not confirmed. The prototype has only two. But, probably, more cameras will be placed on the version of Pro and Plus smartphone Huawei P20.

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