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Media: Telegram launches secret pre-sale of its own crypto currency

Telegram Paul Durova initiated a secret pre-sale of its crypto currency, reports The Verge. Earlier, the company reported attracting funds of $ 850 million from 81 accredited investors. Telegram is again taking measures to raise more money before the public ICO. About what amounts of funds are planned to be attracted this time, is not specified.

Several sources of The Verge claim that it could be about a similar amount of $ 850 million. Thus, before the ICO itself Pavel Durov will collect $ 1.6 billion of investment. Telegram declines to comment on the information received.

Some experts criticize the actions of Telegram, since they consider the amount of funds raised to be inflated on the wave of the HYIP with simultaneous lack of information on the technical side of the case.

How much they invested in the messenger is not known – the experts’ estimates differ, as well as Telegram itself.

It is noted that the release of Telegram on the ICO in the US is questionable, as regulators see more and more reasons to doubt the transparency of the process. This can be explained by attracting investors’ money with the help of “secret” pre-sales.

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