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London policeman found innocent of stealing a cookie colleague

Officer of the London police Thomas Hooper (Thomas Hooper) was found not guilty of stealing his colleague’s cookies – in the management of the professional standards they decided that there was no reason for him to bring responsibility. Hooper also was charged with filing an application for the cancellation of the penalty for speeding.

The hearing lasted three days, at the last meeting the police spokesman Charles Apthorp explained that it is not the value of stolen cookies that is important, but the fact of stealing.

May 7, 2016 Hooper took a tin cookie box that belonged to his colleague. According to Apthorp, Hooper’s behavior “created a gap in professional behavior.” Hooper claimed that he was ready to share the cookies and buy a new box, and refused to admit guilt.

Hooper was also accused of filing an application for the cancellation of a penalty for speeding. In May 2016, he exceeded the speed and turned on the sirens, when it was not necessary. According to Hooper, he did this because his passenger was ill.

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