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Cheerleadersha from North Korea accidentally slammed American figure skaters. Her neighbor neatly pulled her back

At the Olympics in Pyeongchang in figure skating was a couple from the DPRK – Rym Te Ock and Kim Yu Sik. To support athletes, the stadium was visited by the “army of beauties” – these are North Korean cheerleaders, famous for their performances in the stands. After the rental they synchronously applauded and shouted to the athletes.

Next on the ice appeared a couple from the USA – Alex Shimeka-Knerym and Chris Knorim. During their presentation, one of the cheerleaders began to clap the Americans, although during the performances of other teams the “army of beauties” usually sits quietly. The neighbor neatly pulled the fan from the DPRK, but her actions fell on the cameras of the Japanese television channel.

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