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Blacksmith came up with a board game Kartoffelkrieg with real potatoes

American game designer and blacksmith, who specializes in huge swords, went to the Internet with the idea of ​​potato wars. The project, called Kartoffelkrieg, will require a real potato for the game – every tuber with all its eyes will become an independent fighting unit.

Militarized “bulb” becomes such due to a set of printed items in the form of guns, lasers, armor and much more, which with the help of pins are fastened in potatoes. Players are negotiating with each other, picking up a kit that allows you to navigate the game field, and also to fight. Then the potato troops enter into a confrontation, and the characteristics of each unit are set in the table, which lists the power, for example, of a photon torpedo, or the power of a clawing claw. For moves, ordinary dice are used.


The idea, which was recently voiced by Michael Cragwell, was to the liking of a huge number of users, as well as one of the publishers who contacted the American and soon plans to launch a fundraising for an advanced version of Kartoffelkrieg on Kickstarter. But if you want, you can collect your monsters yourself – the information is on Google Drive.

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