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UTorrent has found a vulnerability in the torrent client that allows attackers to remotely manage downloads

Security researcher Google Tavis Ormandy (Tavis Ormandy) spoke about the vulnerability in the popular torrent client uTorrent, which allows you to remotely manage files on your computer and see the history of downloads. This was reported by the publication Ars Technica.

User uTorrent just go to a malicious site so that attackers can access files through the torrent client. For example, hackers can download stealing program passwords or download viruses to Windows system folders. According to the researcher, any site opened in the browser can manage downloads and see the history of downloads.

The developers of uTorrent stated that they know about the vulnerability and have already corrected it in the beta version of the desktop application uTorrent Web for Windows. Users were asked to update the program and promised to release an update for the full version before the end of the week. The authors have left no recommendations on how to protect your computer from malicious programs.

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