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The installation of the clock for $ 42 million began on the order of the head of Amazon. They can go 10 000 years

They say the winding of mechanical watches is a kind of ritual that the owners of chronometers like. Jeff Bezos, the head of Amazon, seems to have no such passion: a few years ago he invested in the construction of watches capable of going almost without human intervention for 10 thousand years. And now it became known that the installation of the entire structure began.

True, these watches are not at all wristwatches, and they can not be hung on the wall. They are 152 meters high (500 feet) high, and Bezos invested $ 42 million in the project. The whole mechanism is located inside the mountain. Interestingly, the idea itself does not belong to a businessman – the 10-thousand-year clock as a concept was suggested by inventor Danny Hillis in the nineties.


The team of the project in recent years was engaged in the production of necessary components, and finally today began the erection of a giant installation in Texas.

Billionaire Jeff Bezos began building a mechanical clock in Texas that will last 10,000 years. He invested 42 million dollars in the project to create a “symbol of the long-term future of mankind”.

“Construction began: 152 meters in height, everything is mechanical, it works thanks to a change in day and night temperature cycles, synchronized on a sunny afternoon. The symbol of long-term thinking – a watch for 10 thousand years – is collected thanks to the genius of Danny Hillis, Zander Rose and the whole team [of the builders] Hours “

The idea of ​​the project belongs to the engineer Danny Hillis (Danny Hillis), who voiced her magazine Wired in 1995. He suggested creating a symbol that will give an occasion to reflect on the long-term future of mankind and the planet. The idea grew into the project Clock of the Long Now, which is sponsored by the fund Long Now. Thanks to him, Hillis began planning the construction of the current version of the clock.

The team managed to build several prototypes, but the Bezos clock, designed by Hillis, will be the first to work on a real scale. The last few years, engineers have created huge details for the clock and drilled a mine for them in the mountain. On February 21, they began assembling the mechanism.

According to the project site , when the clock is built, visitors will be able to see them freely. However, it is noted that it will not be easy: the nearest airport is a few hours away by car, and in order to get to the structure, you must first rise 600 meters up the valley to the Sierra Diablo.

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