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The developers promise to give bitcoin for solving all the puzzles in the game

Studio Gem Rose Accent introduced the game Montecrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma with an unusual concept: the first person who will solve all the puzzles in the new game, will receive one bitcoin as a reward. The offer is rather generous – bitcoin is trading at $ 11,000, while the game itself costs only $ 2.

The authors of the project have not yet disclosed their personalities, but they say that they represent “a group of game developers who have an insane idea for the game.” Surely the project will pay off: there will definitely be a lot of people wishing to earn bitcoin for solving the puzzle.

Users in Montecrypto find themselves in a maze. They need to solve 24 problems. You can leave hints to other gamers and act together, or vice versa – to hinder and confuse potential competitors.

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