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Photo: Warehouse with a spoiled chicken, which DHL could not deliver to the British KFC

Due to the problems of the delivery company in the UK, two-thirds of the chain’s restaurants were closed for several weeks.


Daily Mail published a photo from one of the warehouses of the German company DHL, which delivers chicken meat to the British branch of fast food restaurants KFC. For several days the chicken could not be delivered to the enterprises, and it began to deteriorate right in the warehouse.

According to the publication, on Valentine’s Day in the internal electronic system DHL there was a failure. Because of this, the company stopped part of the deliveries, in particular – to the restaurants of the American KFC network.

On February 15, due to a supply failure in some establishments, chicken stocks ran out. By February 19, the number of such institutions was already 562 restaurants. In total, the British branch of KFC includes 900 establishments.

According to the source of the Daily Mail inside the American company, the restoration of the supply system “is unlikely [to take] days, the account is more likely to go for weeks.” At the same time the publication estimated one day of idle fast food network at 1 million pounds (about 80 million rubles).

In a conversation with the British edition of the company’s employees said that the management of the network had to remove them from work. In some cases we are talking about dozens of hours of absence in the workplace, the payment for which is deducted from the vacation benefit.

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