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Maria Komissarova – 4 years later

The story of this girl, probably heard by many. Maria Komissarova, as a result of the terrible incident, could not take part in the Olympics in Sochi. To date, she is moving with a wheelchair. But this did not break the girl. After 4 years, she told about what helped her to keep her balance in a difficult moment. First of all, Maria perceives the accident as a second chance at life. Even when Dr. Blum of the Spanish clinic tried to fool her, she did not lose her balance. However, now it takes a lot of time to file a lawsuit. In difficult times she always had a husband and faithful friends. After the incident, all the close people did not leave Mary. A special motivation for Mary is attached to her son. She does not lose hope once to run or jump with him. Now Maria is in great shape,


“Four years have passed since that Olympic day. How do you remember that moment now and do you remember at all?

– I try not to remember, it does not make it any easier for me. And if I remember, I switch to something more positive. Maybe, it was supposed to happen and was prescribed to me by destiny. And the fact that I survived is already very good. After all, I really was between life and death.

“You’ve been looking for ways to recover for a long time.” For a while, Dr. Blum of the Spanish clinic helped you, but in the end you called him a fraud. Tell me why?

– We have a trial now, there is nothing to talk about. Lawyers are working on our suit against him. It takes a lot of time.

– What is your recovery now?

– I maintain my physical form, I go twice a week to a regular gym. I work on simulators, shake my hand and back. Because the back very quickly without load becomes weak, starts to hurt. And with the child it is difficult to manage, it is rather big – it weighs 11 kilograms.

– You became a mother last year. A son is a person who adds motivation to continue working?

– Of course. In my dreams and plans someday run and jump with it. At least walk. After all, I’m even afraid to walk alone, because he quickly crawls and will soon begin to walk. My grandfather came to visit with my husband and he walks with pleasure.

– How did you change inwardly during these four years?

– I grew up in all directions. In the literal sense – has matured. And spiritually. And a lot of rethinking in life. Some people think that I am used to my position, but they are mistaken. When you accept your position, it becomes easier to live, but I need to continue to work.

– Who was and continues to be with you all this time except the family?

– My best friends in sports – Nastya Kedrina, Anya Sorokina, whom I met while skiing. Katya Starichenko from the freestyle team. My friends from ordinary life, St. Petersburg. The circle of those who were close remained.

“Speaking of friends.” See the Olympics?

– It turns out not so much to watch, because in Spain, where I live, for some reason do not show the Olympics at all. On the Internet, broadcasts are not available outside of Russia. I watch reports on the Internet about every day of the competition and about how our sportsmen performed.

– What are the chances for our freestyle skiers and other disciplines?

– Predicting the results of freestyle competitions is difficult, there much depends on the rivals and the event. At us in this season it turned out, that children borrowed and the first places – Sergey Ridzik, for example, and in the thirty did not fall. We will cheer for our people and wish them every prize.

– Russian athletes now represent the national team of the UAR in Korea …

– Yes, it was not very pleasant to watch this situation around our team. I was always on the side of the athletes, “for” that they went to the Games and performed. Those who said that it was not worth going, absolutely wrong thought. Just so take and destroy the dream of people who trained and trained? No, this is completely wrong.

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