Hackers used Tesla cloud servers for mining

Unknown attackers (or the only hacker – it’s unknown) made their way to the cloud servers of Tesla company and used the available capacities for mining the crypto currency. Servers, in turn, are located in the protected data centers of Amazon. The invasion was discovered last month, according to a start-up by RedLock, which specializes in information security.

The company’s specialists tried to find out who had left one of the AWS (Amazon Web Services) accounts open to the world. It turned out that the account belongs to Tesla, which is not aware of what happened. According to the head of RedLock, they were not the first who made their way to the holy of holies, running on the servers scripts for the virtual money’s mining. Attackers used Stratum software.

In general, as follows from the story of RedLock specialists, Tesla administrators did not care much about the security of information on the server that processes cartographic data, telemetry and data on service. Experts noted that they could not find personalized data. “But we did not dig deeply,” the company said. Instead, RedLock hurried to report a hole in Tesla. The award was $ 3 thousand.

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