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Costume skaters through the years: how the image changed over the past 100 years

One of the most spectacular Olympic sports is figure skating. But the costumes of the skaters did not always look the way they are now. Therefore, we will follow the changes in the appearance of athletes in the last century.

At the first Winter Olympics in 1924, the girls went out on the ice with caps, gloves, long skirts and sweaters.

By 1936, the skirt was noticeably shortened, and the entire outfit became somewhat more comfortable. Although it was not possible to get rid of gloves and beret.\


In 1948, the length of the skirt jumped even higher, and the jumper changed to a shirt.

After another 8 years, the costumes began to acquire a more modern look. Although still athletes wear several items of equipment. Closer by 1964, the dress became in-line and allowed to perform complex tricks. However, the requirement for color is strict: all skaters must go out in black and white robes.


In the 70’s, there is a marked diversity. Figure skaters now choose light bright suits with different decor elements. In the 80’s, the equipment became a full participant in the competition. Contrasting shades, guipure inserts, rhinestones – all of this is no longer prohibited.

In the next decade there is still one limitation. On the ice it was impossible to go out in a suit with a short sleeve. For the first time, she broke the rule of Chen Lu, who became the Olympic champion.

In the new millennium, skaters were allowed to choose outfits that reflect the nature of the musical accompaniment of the room. It was not recommended to buy too “theatrical” outfits.

Today, transparent decollete and sequins are an integral part of the figure skater’s image. On the ice floor you will not find woolen skirts anymore.


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