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Caution! Kusari fundo!

It is known that the ninja used katans as weapons. But no less than they used a metal chain – Kusari fundo, which reached a length of 80-120 cm and had two ends at the ends.
With the help of this device, fighters applied crushing blows to the most vulnerable places on the human body, for example, the knee cups or the temporal bone. Thanks to the cargoes, the force of the attack increased, which made it possible to eliminate the enemy overnight.
In the capabilities of Kusari fundo entangle the enemy, knocked down and disarmed. It acts like a whip, which clasps and clasps the hand. While the enemy hesitates, the ninja strikes a fatal blow. Often, weapons were thrown directly into their opponent, in order to stop him as soon as possible. The chain at the same time applied a couple of accurate strokes and fettered the person on the move, after which he fell to the ground. Kill such a device could be with 80 steps. They aimed at the neck. With a successful throw, the gun smashed the spine, which resulted in instant death.

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