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At the Olympics, the skier swept without tricks in the discipline, where it is necessary to show tricks

February 19 at the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, there were competitions for ski halfpipe among women. Discipline is to descend on alpine skiing with the performance of spectacular stunts – the winner is the athlete who scored the most points for them.

However, the Olympic qualification was made by American Elizabeth Swaney, representing Hungary. Instead of a series of tricks, she awkwardly descended from the slope, in order not to accelerate greatly, and then simply drove through the halfpipe, practically without bouncing. For the attempt, she received 30 points: the penultimate place scored 43 points (the athlete at the same time fell during the race).

Performance Swaini surprised users of social networks. The media called it “very average” skier, who should not have been on the Games, because she did not even try to show something.


Later it was found out that Swaini got to the Olympic Games, having found flaws in the selection system. The 33-year-old sportswoman working in the Silicon Valley started skiing at 25 years old and earlier represented Venezuela. For the selection in South Korea, she needed several times to get into the top 30 at international competitions. Therefore, she went only to those where less than 30 athletes participated.

She went to every World Cup, where there were 23, 25 or 28 athletes. She did this for several years: sometimes competitors fell, and Swainey got a seat higher. If she fell, she would not get enough points for the Olympics. But she did not do tricks, which means she was not mistaken.

Steele Spence
judge of ski halfpipe

The Federation of Hungary stated that before the Games its representatives had never seen an athlete in the business – she trained and collected money for the trip herself. After the performance, Swaini stressed that she had been training hard to get to Pyeongchang.

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