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The English church allowed the use of spiers on the temples to distribute the Internet

The Government of Great Britain and the English Anglican Church concluded anagreement on the use of church spiers for the distribution of the Internet. By 2022, the expansion of 4G network coverage should improve connectivity in small towns and rural areas.

The church intends to use about 10 thousand buildings for the development of wireless Internet. According to the British authorities, the churches are located in the centers of small communities and are suitable for distribution of the network. Agreements will be concluded between private operators and local dioceses who own buildings.

The agreement with the English church means that even a 15th century building can be used to improve people’s lives and improve the quality of communication in hard-to-reach places.

The statement of the British Ministry of Culture and Mass Media (Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport)

In the UK, about 120 churches have already been allowed to install equipment for the distribution of mobile and broadband Internet. On the spiers and roofs put dishes and wireless sensors in the form of antennas.

As noted by the BBC, in the UK 4G-networks from mobile operators are available only on 43% of the territory, and SMS-messages are sent from approximately 70% of the territory.

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