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Jennifer Lawrence temporarily devotes herself to fighting corruption

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence told Entertainment Tonight about plans to temporarily stop acting for the sake of participating in public life.

The 27-year-old actress intends to cooperate with the non-profit organization , founded in 2012. According to Lawrence, she will try to attract young people to participate in politics at the grassroots level.


Activists advocate the adoption of anti-corruption laws at the level of municipalities, states and the state, and also engage in education. is not funded by the authorities and does not accept money from corporations.

This has nothing to do with party politics. It’s just an anti-corruption activity and an attempt to change laws to prevent corruption, to correct our democracy.

Jennifer Lawrence

Later in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lawrence’s representative denied ET data that she would give up core business for a whole year. According to him, the actress will return to work as soon as her next project is ready.

For Lawrence, this is far from being the first attempt to take part in politics. Previously, for example, she was on the “Women’s March”.

The world premiere of the next film with Lawrence, which is called “The Red Sparrow”, will be held on February 28, 2018 (in Russia – May 31). On October 31 (in Russia – November 1) is scheduled to start the picture “Dark Phoenix” in the universe of X-Men with the participation of the actress.

Lawrence is also attributed to the films of Zeld about Zelda Fitzgerald, The Enmity about the founder of Theranos Elizabeth Holmes and “To the East of Paradise” based on the novel by John Sneinbeck. The date of the exit of the pictures is not yet appointed.

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