Expanding vehicle monitoring capabilities: Omnicomm introduced OKO on-board terminal

High-tech terminal for monitoring the operation of transport is equipped with connectors for connecting up to 4 CCTV cameras. The device is stable to external loads and maintains performance and trouble-free operation even under adverse operating conditions.

“When developing and testing the OKO terminal, we aimed to offer consumers a comprehensive fleet monitoring solution that would improve the level of cargo transportation safety and performance,” said Boris Pankov, Omnicomm CEO.

OKO collects information about the operation of the transport and transfers data to the server via GSM-channel. This allows owners of equipment to monitor online key parameters of the fleet operation, quickly receiving reports from the satellite monitoring system and materials from video cameras.

The terminal operates in the mode of cyclic recording of video in HD format. The monitoring system records materials and stores them in the video archive for 1-2 months. The functionality of the device allows you to select and save individual fragments of video.

The solution is compatible with all types of vehicles and can be used in any industry where motor vehicles and mobile equipment are used, including industries such as cargo and passenger transportation, construction, mining, forestry and oil and gas, agriculture, utilities and special services.

The Russian manufacturer of transport monitoring solutions presented the navigation terminal OKO with the video recording function. OKO from Omnicomm is included in the innovative product line of the company and combines the functionality of the navigation terminal and video monitoring.

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