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Artificial Intelligence Google will be able to predict problems with the heart in the eyes

Verily, a member of the Alphabet holding company (which also includes Google), has announced a new way to prevent cardiovascular disease. Specialists will scan the retina and use the machine learning algorithm to identify problems. This is reportedin the scientific journal Nature.

Verily’s algorithm can accurately identify risk factors for heart problems: age, sex, blood pressure, and whether the patient smokes. Based on these data, artificial intelligence predicts the possibility of developing cardiovascular diseases.

The development will help doctors to more easily and quickly identify the risks of heart problems in patients: for this, even a blood test will not be needed. However, the company has just started to conduct the first studies and is far from the clinical trials.

The algorithm works with the help of neural networks, which Google and Verily specialists trained on the data of 300 thousand patients. This information included eye scans as the main source of data.

According to Verily, the accuracy of determining the heart problems of the algorithm is 70%. This is only 2% less than the classical SCORE technique, for which a blood test is needed.

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