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Transgenderers of the US try their hand at elections

This year, elections for the Congress in the United States must take place. For the first time in the history of America, a person in the Congress can be replaced by a person who has replaced the sex. 40 transgender candidates are going to participate in these elections.

The Democratic Party candidate from Arizona is the former paver Brianna Westbrook. Now, once a man, he works as a consultant in a car salon. In 2013, Westbrook first manifested herself in politics, advocating the protection of LGBT people and people with disabilities in front of the city council of Phoenix.
“Honestly, it was Trump who motivated me to participate in the elections,” Westbrook said. “And this is the only thing I’m grateful for.”


Alexandra Chandler is an applicant from the state of Massachusetts. Before the beginning of political career, the candidate served as an analyst for the intelligence service for 12 years.
“I joined the service just after September 11. We were engaged in preventing the smuggling of weapons and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction,” Chandler said.


Another potential member of the Congress is Chelsea Manning, once sentenced to 35 years in prison. Then the former scout said that he wants to become a girl. The court allowed him to start therapy directly in prison.


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