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Mass media: Chinese and US special services staged a brawl over Trump’s nuclear suitcase in Beijing

President of the United States Donald Trump and his wife Melanya at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Photo by Thomas Peter, AFP / Getty

Between the intelligence services of the United States and China, a brawl occurred because of the nuclear suitcase of Donald Trump during the November visit of the American president to Beijing. This was reported by the publication of Axios with reference to five sources.

According to the interlocutors of the publication, when an American intelligence officer was a member of the House of National Assembly, Chinese employees blocked his entrance. At the same time, the agent who carried the suitcase should always be with the president, just like the doctor.

Then the agent turned to the head of the White House’s apparatus John Kelly. He told the special services officer to continue the movement. “We go all together,” he said, and, as the newspaper writes, “all Americans have gone.”

Then the turmoil began. A representative of the Chinese special services seized Kelly, and Kelly pushed his hand away. After that, the American employee pushed the Chinese to the ground.

The whole brawl occurred “in a jiffy”, and the American staff was asked not to talk about it. According to the source, US special services warned their Chinese colleagues before a visit to Beijing. However, one of the Chinese did not receive instructions, or “still decided to contact the Americans.”

The publication noted that the Chinese special services did not receive a nuclear case and did not even touch it. The head of the Chinese special services later apologized to the US for his misunderstanding.

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