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Enthusiast created a site to monitor Tesla in space in real time

Engineer Ben Pearson (Ben Pearson) created the site , where you can monitor in real time Tesla, launched into space. The site shows the distance of the car relative to other celestial bodies and the Sun. This is reported by The Verge.

According to Pearson, he is interested in space from the third class and read all the books in the library that he could only find on this topic. On the day Falcon Heavy launched with Tesla on board, he noticed that many users were asking about how to track an object in space. He decided to figure out how to do it, and created a special website.

Immediately after the launch, Pearson’s calculations did not converge with the orbit that Mask pointed out. However, later it turned out that the engines were cut off too late and Tesla would fly past Mars. Pierson noted that he was relieved when he learned that Mask was wrong, and his calculations were correct.

Whereisroadster works thanks to the calculations of the engineer and data from theJet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA. According to the site, Tesla will be closest to Mars in October 2020 during the second round of the Sun, and then it will start to move away from the red planet.

What will happen after November 2020 the site does not show. However, the researchers believe that Tesla can return to Earth, burned in the atmosphere, fall on Mars, or collide with an asteroid, since its orbit touches the asteroid belt.

On February 6, SpaceX company Ilona Mask made the first launch of the rocket of the heavy-duty Falcon Heavy class. As the payload used the very first model Tesla Roadster. It was launched under the music of David Bowie, and behind the wheel put a dummy in Space Space suit. Tesla successfully entered the low Earth orbit, but later it turned out that the car would not reach Mars, but it would pass close to it.

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