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Bill Gates paid taxes for 10 billion dollars. He believes that this is not enough

Bill Gates. A frame from CNN
Bill Gates. A frame from CNN

Microsoft founder Bill Gates criticized the tax reform of US President Donald Trump. According to him, the current US taxation system is “regressive, not progressive,” and brings more benefits to the rich than to the working class and the middle class.

Gates, who recently lost the title of the world’s richest man, noted that he paid “more taxes than anyone else.” He added that “[the US] government should oblige people in its position to pay significantly higher taxes.”

10 billion dollars
taxes paid by Bill Gates in the US

In December 2017, Trump signed a tax reform bill passed by Congress, which reduced contributions to the richest sections of the population from 35% to 21%. After that , unforeseen amounts were created in the budgets of many large companies , from which they promised to repay their employees one-time.

The tax reform was one of the main components of Trump’s election program. However, before his election, he promised to increase taxation for the most well-to-do population of the country, removing the “tax burden” from the middle class.

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