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Space X again postponed the launch of the missile with test satellites to distribute the Internet

Photos of SpaceX
Photos of SpaceX

SpaceX company Ilona Mask again postponed the launch of the Falcon 9 missile, which is to put into orbit the Spanish satellite PAZ for radar surveillance, as well as test satellites for the distribution of the Internet Microsat 2a and Microst 2b. The launch was postponed to February 21.



On the evening of February 16, it became known that SpaceX postponed the launch of Falcon 9 on 18 February, originally scheduled for launch on 17 February.

SpaceX intends to create a network of satellites for its future communications network to provide Internet access around the world. The network will have approximately 12,000 satellites, the edition of The Verge noted . If the tests are successful, then the creation of the network will be completed by 2024.

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