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Facebook will use postcards to verify buyers of political advertising

Facebook will send to individuals and organizations that want to post political advertisements in social networks, postcards. This was told by the director of the company for global politics Katie Harbath (Katie Harbath), reports Reuters.

Postcards will be given a special code that the customer will have to use to confirm his identity and prove that he is in the United States. How exactly the confirmation process will work, Kharbat did not specify.

According to US law, foreigners are prohibited from providing money or valuables to local or federal election campaigns in the United States, Reuters said.

If a user buys an advertisement and at the same time mentions a candidate [for public office], we will send him a card with the code. He must use it to confirm that he is from the US.

Katie Harbat
Facebook Director for Global Policy

Kharbat did not specify when the mailing of postcards would begin, but added that they would be launched before the congressional elections. According to her, this method “will not solve all the problems”, but will prevent interference in politics, as it allegedly occurred with Russian accounts.

Facebook announced the dispatch of postcards the day after the US brought charges against 13 Russians and three Russian companies in the presidential election in 2016. The billionaire Yevgeny Prigozhin, who is considered to be the sponsor of the “troll factory” – the St. Petersburg Agency for Internet Research, is listed on the list of the Justice Ministry. Charges were also brought to 12 employees of AII, as well as to two companies of Prigogine – Concord Management and Consulting and Concord Catering.

The US Justice Department has cited concrete examples as evidence for Russian intervention: fake accounts, communities on topics that are painful for Americans, political advertising, hashtags and rallies.

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