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The brewery bought the Jamaican national team for bobsleigh new sledges in return for those that the coach took

February 14th head coach of the women’s national team of Jamaica bobsled Sandra Kiriasis (Sandra Kiriasis) filed a resignation due to pressure from the national federation. This cast doubt on the debut of the team at the Olympics in Pyeongchang: the German owned the only bean (bobsled sleigh) and threatened to take it back if compensation was not paid.

The new sleigh costs 50 thousand dollars, so for several days the national team of Jamaica was in limbo. However, on February 16, the local beer brand Red Stripe announced that it will buy a new bean for the team. The company confirmed to Adweek that it was not a joke.

According to CBC, the equipment has already arrived in Pyeongchang, and the team has already conducted the first training session on it. It is not known whether the bean differs from the Japanese sled that Kiriasis took away. The first arrival of the national team of Jamaica will be held on 20 February.

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