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IKEA presented the technique for “parties anywhere”

Photo from insta Ikea
Photo from insta Ikea

IKEA introduced the FREKVENS line of equipment (read as frequency – “frequency”), which was developed jointly with the team of Teenage Engineering. Devices are designed to “create a good music party anywhere.” Photo of the first final prototypes of the IKEA line was published in its instagram.

The exact FREKVENS lineup is not yet known, but in June IKEA stated that the collection will also include a vinyl turntable and “everything you need to create a good party, wherever you are.” The picture shows columns, several variants of LED lighting and a projector.

The FREKVENS line will go on sale in February 2019. You can buy devices in IKEA stores.


When you are young, the idea of ​​having a party comes spontaneously. We take it as an excuse to play and listen to music. It’s not bad, if you think about what it takes to party. “Oh, I want to make a party, I need glasses, napkins, candles and stuff, I’ll go to IKEA and buy it.”

Jesper Cuthofd
CEO and head of design department Teenage Engineering

Early versions of some devices the company demonstrated in its own music laboratory at the festival Haven in Copenhagen.



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