“Yandex” showed the test of an unmanned taxi in the streets of snow-covered Moscow

February 16 “Yandeks.Taksi” published a video demonstrating the testing of its unmanned vehicle on the busy streets of Moscow. Prior to this, the company only showed how it trains a taxi on a special testing ground, where there are no pedestrians and unpredictable machine movement.

In the video, the car shows that it is able to see the signal of the traffic light, even when it is not visible to the driver from the cabin because of obstacles (in this case, because of the truck on the “emergency”), knows how to avoid pedestrians walking along the road with different average speed along narrow and wide streets, and also quickly notices when it is necessary to miss cars that create interference on the right.

Published video is accelerated four times, so it creates the feeling that the car is going fast. In fact, judging by the speedometer, its average speed is extremely low – up to 25 km / h in single-lane traffic and up to 33 km / h with two-lane.

In Yandex.Taxi, explained why the video is covered with a large screen inside the car: “The monitor displays technical information about how an unmanned vehicle sees the environment, it is used by engineers and a test driver to monitor the situation, and we are not ready for it yet. share. In the future, we will tell you about this in detail. ” Why is the carpet covered with the logo of the automaker (most likely, it’s Toyota – Yandex.Taxi used to test UAVs based on Prius before), representatives of the service did not explain.

How exactly the company managed to get permission to test an unmanned vehicle on the streets of Moscow, the company refused to answer, only explaining that this is “within the current legislation”. According to the representative of Yandex.Taxi, such trips have been held in the capital since December 2017, and so far no accidents have been recorded during them.

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