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What will happen to Tesla in space?

February 15, Czech and Canadian scientists put forward a version that launched by elon Musk into space Tesla can return to Earth with a probability of 6% in the next few million years. Still the car has a chance to collide in Venus, but it is lower – 2.5%.

Astrophysicist Hanno Rein of the University of Toronto said that scientists analyzed 240 computer modulations to understand how the car will move in space for the next 3.5 million years. They had two versions: the car will remain next to the planets of the terrestrial group – Earth, Mars, Venus, Mercury, or go to the outer region of the solar system under the influence of Jupiter’s gravity.

Raine added that Tesla will be approaching the Earth every 30 years. He explained that if the car enters the atmosphere of the Earth, then most likely, it will completely burn in it, or it will leave a very small piece of it. Scientists believe that there is no danger of being knocked down by Tesla’s wreckage, because in a few million years, there probably will not be people left on Earth.

Tesla is a very small object, so I’m not sure that it will be easy to investigate in a year – I think it will be very subtle. But next time, in 30 years, when it will fly again near the Earth, it will be great to try to see it.

Hanno Rein

There were other versions of what could happen to Tesla in space.

Parts of Tesla will be damaged due to radiation

Chemist and organic expert from the University of Indiana, William Carroll (William Carroll) told the publication LiveScience, that in space the car is under the influence of solar radiation, which will gradually destroy all organic materials, of which Tesla is made, including plastic.

According to Carroll, gradually the radiation will affect the random parts of the car – tires, paint, leather seats. Their parts “fall off” from the car and will wander in the open space.

All organic materials will be destroyed by different types of radiation. I would not give them a year in such an environment.

William Carroll

Tesla travels in space for “millions of years” and her descendants do not recognize

The expert of the American Chemical Society, Richard Sachleben, agreed with Carroll’s statement, but suggested that Tesla would spend “a million years” in space.

Billions of years are a very long time. It is not possible to say how it will look to that moment. What if someone else discovers it in millions of years and understands that Tesla is part of another era.

Richard Scaleben

The scientist found a plus in the long journey of Tesla. He suggested that in the future some amateur machine would want to add Tesla Roadster to his collection.

Tesla will fly to Mars and damage the Earth’s satellites

Astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell said that, according to the current trajectory, Tesla will approach Mars as close as possible to 2020 – it will be at a distance of 7 million kilometers. In a few years the car will be able to approach the planet itself.

The publication Futurism noted that if Tesla breaks up into a lot of debris, its parts can get into the atmosphere of Mars, touching the satellites. At present, there are six active satellites in the orbit of the Red Planet .

In this case, even if the car does not get to Mars, it can still be a threat to people who try to get into its orbit. And if Mars is still colonized, “the secular remnants of a sports car can damage satellites that people will use to communicate with the Earth,” writes Futurism.

If bad drivers annoy you right now, imagine how angry you will be in this case.


Tesla will fall into the “orbital loop” and will approach something to Mars, then to the Earth

The publication of Popular Mechanics suggested that Tesla will not reach either Mars or its orbit. In fact, the electric car will be at a distance of several million kilometers from the planet. The car will fall into the so-called “orbital loop”, and will constantly approach something to Mars, then to the Earth.

After launch, Tesla hit the heliocentric orbit. The publication believes that the electric car will rotate around the Sun as a planet and a comet. Journalists offered to perceive the car musk as a “bus that runs on schedule.”

It will be a “Flying Dutchman” who has been traveling the Solar System for billions of years.

Popular Mechanics

Tesla will fly to Mars and infect it with microbes

If Tesla does not destroy radiation, it will not collide with a satellite or meteorite, it can fly to Mars or some other object of the solar system. As Futurism writes , life could remain on Mars, and it can be destroyed by any microbe from Earth that could survive the cold and not die in space. Or it will not allow scientists to determine the difference between living organisms that were already on Mars or got there from Earth. The same will happen if Tesla hits the orbit of another planet.

According to this version, this scenario is the most unlikely – the car is so far from other planets that it will take a “confluence of unusual circumstances” to happen. For example, something must change the trajectory of the machine, after which it will approach the planet close enough to be affected by gravity. In addition, Tesla will somehow pass through the atmosphere and not burn – but this is not a spaceship.

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