The mysterious floating hemisphere from Ekaterinburg began to adorn to the World Cup 2018

The owner of the floating hemisphere on the Yekaterinburg City pond – the company “Levant” – began its reconstruction: the object was covered with a black-and-yellow cloak and began to be faced with siding. According to representatives of the “Levant”, the construction will be decorated for the World Cup 2018, some of which will be played in the Ural capital.

Statements about the upcoming reconstruction of the facility were made at a court session. The parties to the claim are Levan LLC and the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Sverdlovsk Region – officials are seeking to dismantle the malachite hemisphere, which is installed on the City Pond.

Representatives of the ministry noted that they can not initiate an administrative case against the owner of the hemisphere Andrei Gornadud: he “constantly shirks the receipt of an agenda on the appointment of time and place for the preparation of an administrative protocol.”

Illegal construction status of the court recognized as early as 2014, but since then, the dirty and faded building could not be removed either by the city authorities, or by an interested member of the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk region (later – State Duma deputy) Andrei Alshevsky.

Initially, in the mysterious hemisphere there should have been a “football museum”, but later its owners transferred the construction to the “support” center of the non-governmental “International Police Association”.

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