The American company has released a stand for the “smart” column HomePod. This is a piece of skin for $ 20

Photos of Pad & Quill

Company Pad & Quill has opened pre-orders for a stand under Apple’s “smart” column Apple’s HomePod, which can leave traces on wooden furniture. The stand looks like a small leather circle, available in brown and costs 20 dollars (about 1100 rubles).

The latest innovation in the field of “smart” speakers deserves a modern surface protection. Our leather pallet for HomePod was developed in Minneapolis and made by hand by skilled craftsmen. You will love it, but do not leave a trace on it. […] The only rings that you will see this season in your house are the Olympic rings on TV.

from the description of the stand on the site Pad & Quill

The pre-orders for the stand were opened the day after the news that HomePod left traces on the wooden furniture, so the exact time of its delivery is unknown.

February 15, it became known that the “smart” speakers from Apple can spoil the wooden surface, leaving white traces. The company said that this “there is nothing unusual” and advised to wait, wipe the tree with a special tool or rearrange the HomePod elsewhere.

Photo by John Chase
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