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Kumari – earthly goddesses in Nepal

Worship of the earth goddess is a unique ritual in Nepal. Local residents believe that a virgin maiden can become a receptacle of the divine spirit, and therefore spend a special selection to find the ideal pretender. This goddess is called kumari, and becomes her most often a girl of three to five years. From this moment her life changes, and she devotes herself to serving people. Return to earthly existence, she can, as soon as her first drop of blood is spilled.

Special holiday makeup for kumari.

The worship cult of Kumari was formed in Nepal only in the XVII century. One of the most common legends says that the goddess Thaleja, patroness of the royal dynasty Malla, was once enraged at the Jaya Prakash Malla Raja. The reason was simple: the rajah dared to fall in love with her. Prior to this generation of kings, they communicated with Taledzh on equal terms, shorting the time for an interesting conversation and playing dice. From now on, the goddess decided to teach people a lesson and promised that she would appear in the palace only as a little girl from a low caste.

Girls are selected on special grounds: they must be healthy and have an ideal appearance. The goddess will spend several years in the Royal Castle. The divine title will be stripped off when she starts a menstrual cycle or the first tooth falls out. Until then, she will be guarded by a nanny and a Hindu priest, and her only occupation will be the reception of believers.

The goddess kumari blesses the parishioners.

Kumari has many privileges. In particular, she is the only one who is bowed to the king at the annual Kumarijatra festival. Kumari, in turn, blesses him for another year on the throne.

Kumari in the hall, where she takes visitors.

Kumari leaves the palace only on days of great religious holidays. Also from time to time they carry her out on a palanquin (special stretchers), and she can see the parishioners. People of other faith are forbidden to see kumari, so tourists are not allowed to visit it, but local people can come to see her, regardless of status and wealth. Among the wealthy people the custom of inviting kumari to a wedding is common, it is believed that her presence promises a happy life for the newlyweds.

Nihira Bairacharya is the new goddess of Nepal.

This year in Nepal, a new kumari was chosen. She became Nihira Bairacharya, the girl is now five years old, and she has an uneasy mission.


The goddess kumari devotes her life to serving people.

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