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“He came to us again fuzzy”: the annoying arctic fox returned for fish and brought with him a fox

The Arctic fox, who was begging capelin from fishermen, returned again for fish, and this time not alone, but with a fox. The video in its YouTube channel was published by the user Ildar Biktimirov. Judging by the description of the video, the action takes place on Yamal in the city of Muravlenko.

In January, in social networks , the video about the Arctic Fox began to gainpopularity, which brazenly begged the fisherman for capelin. The man tried to drive him away, but the animal still asked for the prey.


In the channel Biktimirova there are other videos dedicated to arctic fox – for example, “Brave Arctic Fox” . In it, the animal calmly approaches the fisherman and takes the fish that lies next to it. In the video “The Arctic Fox crept imperceptibly,” the fisherman also tries to drive away the Arctic fox, but this time not from capelin, but from pike. In the description for the video, he noted that Arctic fox “fattened up to the heap”, he ate and dug the fish nearby, but did not leave, and therefore the fisherman decided to “potlill.”


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