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Breivik first repented of killing 77 people, but the psychiatrist did not believe him

Anders Breivik. Photos of VG

The Norwegian, who committed a double attack, Anders Breivik, first announced his repentance in a letter to the administration of the Shien prison, the local newspaper Verdens Gang reported .

Breivik wrote that he “regrets” the killing of 77 people and would like “that those events never happen.” The letter states that the terrorist refused from fascist and national-socialist ideologies.

Breivik wrote a letter after the rejection of the Norwegian Court of Appeal in a complaint against a violation of human rights in March 2017. However, the contents of the treatment of the terrorist became known only now.

As emphasized by Verdens Gang, the rehabilitation of Breivik could become one of the fastest rehabilitations in world history. However, the judicial psychiatrists who followed the convicted convicts were convinced that the terrorist does not show signs of empathy and does not empathize with his victims. Doctors considered the behavior of Breivik manipulation in the hope of “winning”.

Breivik is serving a sentence of 21 years in prison for bombing a bomb in Oslo and shooting people in a youth camp on the island of Uta on July 22, 2011. He changed his name (according to the documents he Fyotolf Hansen), which is also associated with the response to the decision of the Court of Appeal.

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