Architecture: “Ring” hotel on the water in Norway

Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta announced the construction of a hotel in the form of a ring, which will be located on the lake at the foot of the Svartisen glacier – the second largest in the country. Architects noted that the building will leave a “minimal human footprint” and will not disturb the wildlife atmosphere in these places. You can reach it only by boat from the nearest city of Bodo, which is 120 kilometers away.

Svart Hotel (the so-called project) will be built on the principle of “renewable energy”. According to plans, the level of energy consumption will be 85% less than in standard modern hotels, and due to solar panels the hotel will produce more energy than to spend.

The building will rise on the fjord (sea bay) of Holandsfjord using wooden V-shaped supports. Most of the hotel is also made of wood. In the warm season, visitors will be able to walk along the platform inside the “ring”, and in winter this place will turn into a storage of boats. So administrators of the Svart Hotel do not have to spend money on storage space.

It is expected that the building will be finished by 2021.

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