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In the US, doctors achieved the first case, when a transgender woman was able to breast-feed a child

Physicians from the New York Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery have been able to breastfeed for a 30-year-old female transgender. According to them, the result was the first successful case of such a transformation, noted in the scientific literature.

Specialists noted that the woman “eats well and is well developed.” At the same time, the report notes that the participant of the experiment was treated for anxiety and insomnia and was not subjected to operations for breast augmentation, testicular removal and vaginoplasty.

In the course of the experiment, physicians added to the hormonal therapy of a woman a higher dose of estradiol and progesterone – so they simulated changes in the hormonal background during pregnancy. Then they gradually reduced the dosage of hormones, simulating childbirth.

Doctors also ordered the patient to take stimulants of prolactin and start using a special vacuum pump to increase the breast – five minutes three times a day.

At the peak of taking medications, doctors recorded a one-time production of 8 ounces of breast milk from a transgender woman (about 250 grams). Thanks to this, she was able to feed a newborn baby for six weeks without artificial mixtures. Adding the mixture, the woman significantly increased this period: at the time of writing the report, her child was six months old, and he was still breastfed.

According to endocrinologist Joshua Safer from the Boston Medical Center, who did not take part in the experiment, he called such results “very large.” He added that the practice proved by his New York colleagues could become popular among transgender women who want to get the experience of ordinary women.

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