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Kim Jong-Yin’s double met cheerleaders from the DPRK in a hockey match

On February 14, the combined women’s ice hockey team of Korea, which includes several athletes from the DPRK, played at the Olympics with the Japanese team. The stands were attended by North Korean cheerleaders , who became famous for their unusual support. During the match, the leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Kim Jong-un, came up to them, embarrassing the girls.

The journalists who attended the game noted that the cheerleaders experienced a “mixture of laughter and disgust” when they saw a double. For a few seconds they stopped supporting the hockey players and continued only after “Kim Jong-una” was taken away by the North Korean security service, which guarded the cheerleaders.

After that, the double sat down near the cheerleaders and began to give out interviews. He told me that his name was Howard, and he was from Australia. Judging by his instagram , the same actor starred in the role of Kim Jong-no in the clip of the Russian band Little Big. He, along with Donald Trump’s double, came to the opening of the Games, but they were kicked out of the stadium.

Howard appreciated cheerleaders performances at the Olympics in Pyeongchang, jokingly stating that “he himself taught them everything.” He also praised the Korean national ice hockey team for being able to score one goal (the team lost 1: 3, and both past games ended with a score of 0: 8). In his words , the cheerleaders enjoyed his performance, but they could not show it. However, on Reddit they decided that cheerleaders’ faces express rather “shock, embarrassment and anger”.


Later, the Korean security still pulled Kim Jong Un from the stadium. After the match, the double explained that this was due to complaints of “conservative people who were offended by the presence” of a man like the leader of the DPRK.

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