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Kadyrov explained how to distinguish halal bitcoin

In Chechnya, under the guidance of the mufti, an analysis was conducted on the subject of the cryalo-currency halalty. Discussions were held after the Mufti of Egypt and Palestine recognized the crypto currency not conforming to the norms of Islam

“If someone believes that the Egypt and Egyptian flats on the crypto currency are obligatory for the citizens of Russia, he is deeply mistaken.” We are not citizens of Egypt to claim the prohibition of bitcoin, based on the Cairo fatwa, “Kadyrov said. He believes that here it is necessary to approach the business subtly, taking into account the specificity of the economy of each country. If somewhere the crypto currency is a threat to the economy and politics, then it is “haram,” Kadyrov says, and if not, it is “halal”.

And in general, from the point of view of the Sharia, “with the consent of the money, everything is considered to be used for mutual settlements by agreement of the parties,” the head of Chechnya asserts. That is, we can say that this is allowed by the Sharia, he sums up.

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