A flying all-terrain vehicle crashed into the building. True, long ago

Edition Gizmodo yesterday, with a link to the homepage of the entire Internet reported that on February 9 in the unknown city of the United Arab Emirates, the flying vehicle Skyrunner shortly after the start of the flight made an unplanned landing perpendicular to the wall of the house, located not far from the runway. It is noted that the pilot and the passenger survived, although, apparently, suffered.

Skyrunner is sold by the same company. The price for the vehicle reaches $ 154,000, the maximum speed in the most expensive equipment is 46 miles per hour. The company is certified by the US Federal Aviation Administration. Why – is unknown.

Skyrunner is a small jeep of carbon. For flight, a huge parachute is used, with the acceleration lifting the car up. As a take-off strip, the manufacturer recommends using closed beaches and open fields.

The company that owns Skyranner on Friday made a weekday flight. Then [Skyranner] and made contact with the building . The condition of the pilot and the passenger is assessed as stable. None of them was injured, threatening life. We are aware that the UAE is conducting an investigation and will report, if we learn something else.

Stuart Hamel
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